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 "This is by far the best beef I have purchased. The prices are fantastic and the beef is top of the line. I have known the owner and his wife for over 10 years. They treat the cows amazing. this has to be the best operating farm that I have seen. If I could rate better over 5 stars I would! ethical and hard working, treat the animals the best in the business! highly recommend. If you would like to know more about them and have more insight feel free to contact me at formaa@gmail.com and I will be happy to give you more insight. if you need beef this is your place to get it!"

- Andy Forma

"It might have taken me a while to work up the courage to do this cut of Waygu justice, but it was more than worth it! Best steak I have even cooked, HANDS DOWN! Thanks guys!"

- Emily Sabo

farm stand 

"Meat connoisseurs look no further. Since moving to Rochester, being health conscious I was searching for locally-raised quality beef and then I found Mumford Dairy & Meat. Their farm has exceeded my expectations a thousand times over. Just recently had the pleasure of trying their wagyu cuts and my mouth is still watering. Deliciously marbled, well cut and low prices it’s a dream come true. Not to mention, the family that runs the farm are down to earth and super friendly. I highly recommend their farm if you are health conscious, want quality beef and don’t want to spend a fortune trying to eat well."

- Sampson Abiola