Artisans of locally sourced Angus and Wagyu beef, from our farm to your family's table

Mumford Dairy & Meat is Rochester, New York's premier Farm-to-Table beef producer. Every pound of beef we sell is from an Angus or American Wagyu born here, raised here, and fed a clean diet free of soy and inexpensive byproducts. We feed haylage, corn silage, and ground corn with trace mineral supplements. We do not use hormone implants. We raise beef for you exactly the same way we raise it for our family. Taste the difference for yourselves!

  • All Natural

    Our cattle are raised in a humane environment from birth to finish and are fed a nutrient dense forage rich diet WITHOUT additional growth hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products. We raise beef for you just like we raise it for our own family.

  • Sustainable Beef

    Our farm prides itself on employing responsible management practices in harmony with our environment—we meticulously oversee soil health and diligently safeguard our nearby freshwater stream from agricultural impact.

  • Beef Genetics

    Our commitment lies in enhancing the genetic makeup of our herd to deliver the highest quality in meat. Some of the genetic factors we consider when choosing our cattle are fleshing, confirmation, phenotype and reproductive ability.