We at Mumford Dairy & Meat are proud to be the premier producer of Wagyu beef in the Finger Lakes Region of New York.  The Wagyu beef we offer is born and raised on our farm, raised alongside our herd of Black Angus. The cattle are fed a soy free premium quality forage-based diet consisting of alfalfa haylage, corn silage, and ground corn—no fillers. We do not use growth hormones, vaccines, or antibiotics. Quality beef and animal health remain our top priorities.

Our herd is a carefully balanced mix of the finest Japanese Wagyu and American Angus. We are able to maximize the deep flavor and richness that Wagyu brings to the table. This leads to an unrivaled eating experience that is far beyond the “Prime” cuts found in even the most gourmet restaurants. 

After you've tasted Mumford Dairy & Meat Wagyu you'll never be satisfied with anything else. 


"The Wagyu is awesome. And the Wagyu ground beef is some of the best ground I’ve ever had and is just an amazing deal. I’ve gone through a few pounds already. Just this morning I made a scramble and it was amazing! So simple and yet incredibly flavorful. Just ground, eggs and some salt and pepper. I recommend it!


The chuck steaks are amazing too. Been cooking them like a regular steak and they’re better than any ribeye I’ve had."


- Rick Irwin




"I came across Mumford dairy and meat on Facebook, reached out requesting some wagyu steaks that they had posted. Let me tell you, they we're amazing. I reached out Tuesday, 2 days before Valentine's day wanting these steaks to make for my wife on Valentine's day. I live quite far and they accommodated me and helped me to be able to receive these steaks on time. They we're very nice people.

Now to the steaks, these were the best steaks my wife and I have ever had, and we have had many. They literally melted in your mouth, we're so marbleized and flavorful unlike any steak we have had. Thanks again, you have earned us as long term customers and if your reading this post deciding to buy from this farm or not, the answer is YES! They clearly care and do things right, hard to find these days!"


- Michael Cadle