All of our beef is dry aged for 2 weeks to tenderize and enhance the flavor. It is then cut, vacuum sealed and immediately frozen. All beef is USDA inspected.  

Bulk Ordering

Beef Box    $365

Beef boxes contain 50 lbs of assorted cuts including steak (porterhouse, t-bone, sirloin and sirloin tip, chuck, and ribeye), roasts, patties, and ground beef.  
More specifically a beef box contains:
15-17 lbs Steak
10-13 lbs Roast
10 lbs Ground
6 lbs Patties (4 per 1 lb pack)
5 lbs Short Ribs
Available on a first come, first serve basis. Contact us today to get your name on the list for our next batch!

Quarters/Halves    $3.50/lb. hanging weight plus processing costs

A quarter of beef offers approximately 200 lbs hanging weight, with approximately 120 lbs of beef returned in cuts.