Our Farm

We are Michael and Cassandra Balonek, two dedicated farmers with a passion for raising ethical, superior quality sustainable beef. 

Mumford Dairy & Meat resides alongside the charming Oatka Creek in the quaint village of Mumford, New York. We are nestled in the esteemed Finger Lakes Region, a short 20 minute drive from Rochester, New York. 

We have a herd of 90 Holstein cows and sell our milk commercially. In addition, we have a herd of Angus beef cattle. Along with purebred Angus and Angus cross, we raise both Fullblood and American Wagyu. All of our animals are born & raised on our farm in Mumford.

Our farm prides itself on employing responsible management practices in harmony with our environment—we meticulously oversee soil health and diligently safeguard our nearby freshwater stream from agricultural impact.


Making milk is the primary business at Mumford Dairy & Meat. We milk between 65 - 90 Holstein cows twice per day, depending on the time of year. We have a closed herd, meaning all of our animals are born and raised here. Our milking herd is 100% Holstein at this time, but we are slowly sprinkling a few Jerseys into the mix. Compared to Holsteins, Jerseys offer more affection, are extremely curious, and keep close tabs on their humans. On the business side, Jersey genetics offer the opportunity to produce milk that is higher in butterfat and protein while eating less. A win/win for both farmers and the environment!

As we both went to college for careers that are not farming (teaching and nursing), we stepped in ‘temporarily’ to help manage a herd on a dying family farm. Long story short, what was temporary slowly became permanent, and we became the owners and operators of Mumford Dairy & Meat. We have achieved milk quality awards through our dairy cooperative for over ten years, with the last few years being our best yet. 2023 was another year of “Super Milk” for our farm — this award is given to farms who consistently produce milk that tests above industry average for quality. In 2022, only 120 New York dairies received the “Super Milk 100” award. We have dedicated the last 16 years to the health and genetic improvement of our dairy herd, and appreciate this acknowledgement for our achievements. Working with excellent nutritionists and veterinarians has played a major role in our success. Giving the cows a spacious house, transitioning to using dairy sand for bedding, and personally managing the herd daily are important factors as well. Animal health remains a top priority—Healthy cows produce high quality milk.

Our farm has produced milk since 1923! We are members of Dairy Farmers of America, and our milk is processed by Upstate Niagara for local consumption. In 2023 alone, our milking cows produced over 2 MILLION POUNDS of milk. For the milk drinkers out there, that’s over 230,000 gallons of milk entering the local milk supply.


Entering the beef business in 2018, our beef herd has slowly grown while we have focused on including Wagyu as well as fine-tuning diet and genetics to strive for the best quality. Learning as we grow, making some mistakes along the way but always staying true to our vision - raising quality beef with care.

Our cattle are born, raised & finished on our farm in Mumford, NY. As owners & operators, we personally care for our animals every day. We feed a high quality nutrient dense forage rich diet harvested from our 220 acres, plus cornmeal sourced from a neighboring farm, leaving out soy and the much less expensive fillers and byproducts. We are committed to raising our beef without the use of hormone supplements. Using hormone supplements can drastically reduce the time it takes to raise an animal to finishing, but we’d rather raise them the old fashioned way. It is important to us that the final product be something that we feel good feeding our family, as well as yours. Raised with care, finished with care because we care. 

Our beef is USDA inspected and available by the cut, bulk package, quarter, half, or whole.