Mumford Dairy & Meat Short Ribs

short ribs
  1. If you want good food you need to start with good ingredients. Pick up some Wagyu short ribs from Mumford Dairy & Meat and you won’t be disappointed.
  2. Remove the short ribs from the packaging and dry with a paper towel
  3. Stop and admire the marbling (seriously, just look at it)wagyu short ribs
  4. Slice the short ribs between the bones into two even sized cubeswagyu short ribs
  5. Individual ribs should look like thiswagyu short ribs
  6. Rub the short ribs with a binder of your choice. My favorite is an Aji Panca Chili paste but you can get creative (mustard, olive oil, mayo, bbq sauce, hot sauce etc)wagyu short ribs
  7. Apply a liberal coating of an all-purpose rub to all sides
  8. Set the ribs on a tray uncovered in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours and up to 12 hours to allow them to dry brinewagyu short ribs
  9. Turn your smoker to 225 and throw the ribs on bone side down. Once the ribs begin to develop a “bark” start to spray them with a mix of apple cider and apple cider vinegar.  Spray them every 30-45 minutes.wagyu short ribs
  10. When the short ribs reach the stall (around 160-170) remove from the smoker and place in a Dutch oven. Surround the short ribs with garlic cloves, onion, rosemary, thyme and a bath of red wine about halfway up the short ribs.wagyu short ribs
  11. Cover the Dutch oven and place back in the smoker or oven until the internal temperature of the short ribs is between 200-205 (this took just over an hour).wagyu short ribs
  12. Remove the short ribs from the Dutch oven and allow to rest in a sealed container. While the short ribs rest reduce down some red wine and mixed with strained braising liquid.  Plate the short ribs and lightly coat in the red wine reduction.
  13. Enjoy!!
    wagyu short ribs


Recipe and photo credit to Wolfi Hofer - thanks Wolfi!


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