We have a winner!

We have a winner! We have five people who are winning actually. Thank you for entering--we had over 200 guesses!
I would like to tell you a little about our business. Cassandra and I bought our farm on Oatka Creek in Mumford in 2011. We are first generation accidental farmers. Cassandra graduated from St. John Fisher with a Bachelors in Nursing. I graduated from SUNY Fredonia with a Dual Certification in Childhood Education. Timing and chance led us to this career. The farms succession plan had fallen apart due to a family illness. The owners, my great aunt and uncle, were seeking a buyer. Next time you travel the back roads, take a moment to look at all the old barns falling in. Those farms in their day were no different than ours. I knew if I couldn't buy the farm, the farmstead would soon be a pile of debris. We somehow, someway were able to bridge the generational gap and purchase the farm. We have been tirelessly working every day to save the farm and preserve its legacy.
We have recently branched out, as many of you already know, from exclusively dairy farming into producing high quality beef, produce, and eggs. We would be hard pressed to make it a success without the support of our local community. So many of our customers find us through their friends and relatives recommendations. Thank you for recommending us and for your continued support!
Onto the winners.........
These results are pure luck,
Sebold Torno- 11,897
Tammy Saeva- 12,000
Jodi Merriman- 12,000
Kevin Heschke- 11,750
Last and also least...Michelle DeJonge with the guess of 10lb per cow (750 lb daily total). Michele, our kids eat that much per day! 😀
Winners can contact us to pick up 2 lbs of American Wagyu hamburger patties!
Every day our 75 cow herd consumes 11,900 lbs of feed.
We will admit, they go a little overboard. Their intake is exceptionally high! The diet includes corn silage, haylage and grains. And a few top secret ingredients!😉
The cows' average production is 83 lbs
Butterfat percentage is 4.4
Protein percentage 3.2-3.3
One gallon of milk is approximately 8.6 lbs. This means that on average, they each produce 9 1/2 gallons of nutrient rich milk per day! Even though we are members of DFA cooperative, our milk is utilized by Upstate Farms in their local dairy products. By purchasing Upstate Farms products, you are supporting local dairymen and women!