What's going on your grill this weekend?

What's going on your grill this weekend?

We have big plans for a Flank steak and Korean cut short ribs.

We will be open Friday 3-6pm & Sunday 12-3pm with a variety of cuts available in Angus & American Wagyu: Brisket, Ribeye, Porterhouse & T bone, Sirloin, Flat Iron, Flank, Skirt, Tri Tip and other roasts, 2” Strips, ground beef, patties, ground brisket, and the list goes on. To place an order ahead of time, please contact us at (585) 353-5592.

Quarters and Halves available now! Approximate cost @ $1100, take home about 125 lbs of beef + organs, bones, etc. We can help you design cut instructions that work best for you. Deposit of $200. Ready for pick up in about 10 days. Please message with questions or to reserve!

For the first 2 weeks of July:

Order an American Wagyu 25 lb Beef Box and get an American Wagyu Sirloin + 5 lbs of American Wagyu ground for free!

Or purchase the American Wagyu 50 lb Beef Box and get a bonus of 2 American Wagyu Ribeyes + 5 lbs American Wagyu ground 25 lb box @ $300 / 50 lb box @ $595

Thank you for the name suggestions! Say hello to Thelma & Louise! Their mom stayed with them for 2 days and is now out in the barn. While she’s a really nice older cow, I think it’s better if we take care of them as she hasn’t stopped using the cow brush to check on them in the nursery. They are doing well and are SO sweet!

Thank you for supporting our small farm! We wish everyone a safe and Happy Independence Day!


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